Report a Scam

“It sounded like a good idea.”“The website looked legit.”“I thought it was a great deal.”

“I got scammed.”

Scammers don't just hurt your pocketbook; they can also hurt your pride. But victim silence only enables them to keep targeting new victims. We want to help you fight back.

Burn Whistle is building an innovative platform designed to report and combat consumer fraud. We provide a simple, confidential way for victims to blow the whistle on scams. Using that information, we'll connect the dots and help achieve justice for those defrauded.

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Got burned?

Blow the whistle

We know perpetrators of fraud and deceit are not going to wait around for Burn Whistle to launch our fraud-fighting platform. You shouldn't wait to start reporting, either.

Please share your story here if you or someone you know has fallen victim to a scam or fraud. Your submission helps us connect the dots to expose patterns of unfair and illegal business practices. Complete the form and click the whistle to submit. Thank you.